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As your photographer, I’m going to strive to make you feel like you aren’t even being photographed at all. And not to toot my own horn, but I do a pretty dang good job of it! I’m probably best known for making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. I will calmly guide you if necessary, but I believe the best photos are the ones that aren’t posed. I want you and your partner to be as
authentic in front of the camera as you would be singing in the car together, in the kitchen cooking dinner, or laughing at your favorite inside jokes.

The things I value the most:
• I believe love is for everyone, and I welcome couples of any age, race, orientation, or religion. 
• Being a worldwide traveler has given me a deep appreciation for our planet and I am dedicated to preserving our natural resources through Leave No Trace practices.
• I am passionate about adoption. The Heart Gallery is an AMAZING organization that I occasionally get to donate my time to. Go check it out!
• I believe in capturing moments exactly as they are. That’s why I specialize in natural light outdoor photography and focus on documenting those candid “in-between” moments that tie your wedding images together. 

My expertise:
I live in Oakhurst, about 20 minutes from Yosemite’s southern gate. I spend most of my summer in Yosemite with my family. I’ve been documenting love stories in here for several years now, and I have learned a whole lot while doing it. There really is nowhere in the world like Yosemite, and I am beyond thrilled to be helping people experience one of the most joyous days of their lives in one of the most stunning places on earth! While this place is insanely breathtaking, there is a lot to consider when planning an elopement here, or in any national park in general. Lighting, timing, location, and weather all play a big part in planning an elopement in Yosemite. The sun sets earlier here thanks to the deep valleys and high peaks, and lighting can be tricky because the high granite walls bounce the sunshine all over the
place. That’s why I offer planning assistance to all my couples, even down to dinner reservations. I'm happy to share my expertise to assist you in creating the elopement of your dreams, and I include it in all of my packages.

Interested in learning all of my tips, tricks and secrets when it comes to Yosemite elopements?
Check out the guide!

It may sound a little crazy, but when I became an elopement photographer, I truly felt like I was doing what I was called to do. Photographing an elopement brings me a sense of serene euphoria like nothing else. I streamline that feeling into every photo I take, and focus on capturing that same euphoria between you and your partner. I’ve been photographing weddings and elopements for a long time, and I still get that feeling every single time I get behind my camera.  

dedicated to
 Capturing madly-in-love couples


Yosemite Planning Guide

 Documenting genuine moments surrounded by the magic of Yosemite

my name is

I am not just a photographer.
I am your friend, your planner, and if asked I'll be an
official witness too!

In the summer you will find me swimming in the Yosemite Merced river and camping deep in the Sierra National Forest. The great outdoors is my happy place!

 I love to travel! I’m fortunate enough to be able to say that I have traveled to 8 different countries, and lived in Peru for 4 months.

I know my way around a darkroom. AKA: I know how to process film! I have been passionate about photography since I took classes in college, where I learned how to take
and develop my own film photography.

I am passionate about adoption!
The Heart Gallery is an AMAZING organization that I occasionally get to donate my time to. Go check it out!


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 "Krystal, First of all you are a fantastic photographer!! The images are unbelievably AMAZING!! Your style and creativity is something unique to us. Everyone has commented you have been the best wedding photographer they have seen. The uniqueness of your style is truly a breath of fresh air. You are a photographer like no other. I am stunned by the detailing of your work. Once again, thank you for the beautiful enhancements for my photos. They are UNBELIEVABLE!"

Vicky & Michael San Francisco, Ca

"The uniqueness of your style is truly a breath of fresh air!"

"We chose Krystal for our Yosemite NP wedding. Two days prior to the wedding we went into the park for a park session and the day of the wedding we met back up at the Wawona hotel for the actual wedding day festivities. The photos were quick to be edited and available, she was so easy to work with, she made us feel super comfortable, and she knew great spots in the park. The photos were absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous and we are so lucky to have found her to capture the beautiful memories. Brilliant work and a lovely person to work with! Absolutely, without a doubt, worth every penny. We tried to be price conscious on most everything in the wedding but we knew we would need to get a good photographer which can cost a lot sometimes. We felt that she was a nice middle ground price and her photos came out exactly as we had hoped"

Maddie & Johnny--Austin, Texas

"Brilliant work and a lovely person to work with!"

"Krystal is an amazing photographer! Super down to earth and a blast to work with! We didn’t get pictures done on our wedding day, so we reached out to her a few months later to get them done. She was able to work with us and made sure that day was just as special, if not more special as the real day! She made sure to get our photos back to us quickly and they turned out gorgeous!"

Sierra & Tim-- Half Moon Bay, Ca

"Blast to work with"