Top 6 Elopement Locations In Yosemite National Park

April 29, 2021



As a Yosemite elopement photographer, I have captured many couples all over the National Park. The beauty, grandeur, and picturesque attributes of the location are completely unmatchable. You can find here sparkling rivers, flowering meadows, towering cliffs – basically, all of nature’s magic weaved in one scenery. No wonder there are many beautiful points here to have an elopement ceremony. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve narrowed them down to 6 elopement locations in Yosemite National Park. Below are the best locations to elope in Yosemite.  

#1 Cathedral Beach

With El Captain standing majestically in the background and Merced river flowing calmly besides. Cathedral is one of the favorite locations of couples for Yosemite elopement. The aesthetic mix of colors is just amazing! It surely makes for a memorable backdrop in your wedding pictures.  

Although have in mind that the location is closed from November through Memorial Day weekend, and on open days the beach closes around dusk. 

#2 Swinging Bridge 

Google ‘where to elope in Yosemite’ and you’ll find Swinging Bridge listed as a top spot. This is a lovely place for Yosemite elopement with splendid views of pine trees, open meadows, Merced river, and the famed Yosemite falls. You can conduct a ceremony anywhere, although, sadly, not on the bridge itself. The best part? It’s open year-round.  

#3 Sentinel Beach

Say your vows amidst the idyllic beach setting of Sentinel, surrounded by spectacular views of upper Yosemite falls and the grand Half Dome. The lovely spot is easily accessible, making it a hit for visitors. Don’t worry about the crowd though, the Sentinel beach spans long and wide and is perfect to accommodate many parties. This Yosemite elopement location just like the Cathedral Beach closes from November through the Memorial Day weekend, and during open days the beach closes at dusk. 

#4 Glacier Point

One of the most iconic locations to plan a Yosemite elopement is Glacier Point. The amphitheater is situated right across the Half Dome and offers breathtaking views. One look at the landscape will convince you to have a wedding here. There are two points to note though. First, Glacier point road is closed from Memorial Day until September 30th. Second, it requires a 30-mile drive to reach, but trust me, it’s totally worth it! 

#5 Taft Point

If you’re adventurous and not afraid of heights, and want a sunset or a sunrise wedding, Taft Point is one of the best locations to elope in Yosemite. There’s a 2-mile round trip hike and the area is quite heavily trafficked. I’d advise you to plan your elopement during the weekday and barring holidays. Although the beautiful blend of sunset hues is swoon-worthy, you might want to skip this one if you are afraid of heights! 

#6 Yosemite Chapel

Standing tall for over a century, a small, intimate, and aesthetic church ceremony is exactly what Yosemite Chapel is all about. No matter which season you plan your wedding in – fall, summer, or snowy winters, this venue is going to look spectacular in all of them. We can click some unforgettable pictures here!

If your heart is set on having a Yosemite elopement and you have another winsome location in mind, just let me know! The most likely chances are that I have already photographed an elopement in that location and can help you with planning.

If you are needing more planning information for more locations in Yosemite be sure to my Yosemite wedding location guide. It is filled with photos of locations and more details.

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